Happy Easter

April 3, 2021

For those of the Christian faith, Easter is the most important time of the year.

The reason can be summed up in one word – HOPE

Regardless of your belief system in this journey of your life, may you rest in hope and in the knowledge that as Spring approaches and fills our senses with new colour, so too life will get better. It is easy for the daily ritual of bad news of suffering, economic despair, social upheaval to trap us all in places that leave us feeling enough is enough!! Times of trial  bring out the best and the worst in people. We encourage you to continue to allow your light to shine. We often cannot know the lasting effect of a kind word or a selfless action on the person receiving it. Your simple act can make ALL of the difference that day. If you want or need a word of encouragement … drop us a line. The candle of hope is always lit.

ALL the best 😊

Kathy & Rob