BRIDGES – A Time to Stop and Reflect

October 1, 2021

Rob and I want to take a moment to stop and remember our Indigenous neighbors and friends who were, or whose parents were, part of the Canadian residential school system. How is it that anyone thought taking children away from their moms and dads would result in anything but deep brokenness? And yet, for reasons that are incomprehensible through the lens of time, it happened – and it happened for a long time – and now, the fruit of that decision is seen in the brokenness all around.
How is it possible to make a difference now when the problems seem overwhelming?
Perhaps it is in the small kindnesses that each one of us can do. A kind smile, a kind word, a warm handshake, a warm hug. Perhaps by removing judgement. Perhaps by having genuine conversations. Perhaps if we each, one by one, take a moment to be kind – just possibly, many small acts of kindness will add up to making a difference.
Together let’s build BRIDGES with our Indigenous neighbors and friends.
Rob & Kathy